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Facilitating small business

M&A in Hong Kong

with trust and professionalism


Fidu Ventures facilitates the buying and selling of small businesses in Hong Kong. 

In recent years, an increasing number of small businesses in Hong Kong closed down due to non-financial reasons, such as a lack of successors, founder emigration, or health reasons. Many of these businesses had substantial value before they closed, which could have been preserved if there was a trusted advisor to help facilitate an ownership transfer.


Services We Offer

For Sellers


Our advisors will not just find buyers for your business, but will find the right buyers to ensure the business can continue to thrive and is in good hands.

For Buyers

There are 2 routes for buyers:

1) Join our approved buyer network and we will send any deals that could be of interest when it comes available; or

2) We can actively help seek out a suitable business for you to acquire.

Contact us now and get a free valuation to understand what your business is worth.

We do not charge anything until a deal is completed.

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