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For Buyers

We provide advice and help you find the best business according to your specific needs. We minimize the administrative procedures involved so you can focus on finding the right business for you. 

Why do you need us?

Yes, you can always find a business to buy by yourself. But here are 3 reasons why Fidu Ventures can help you with your transaction:

Speed and Negotiation

We help speed up the transaction process by seeking suitable businesses that are up for sale, prepare the necessary contracts and help with any negotiations with the seller.  

Research and Due Diligence

We have years of experience in conducting company due diligence and market research. We will help identify suitable valuation, the risks and opportunities in every transaction.

Closure and Escrow

We act as escrow to your funds upon deal completion to ensure the seller has fulfiled all obligations, making the transaction significantlly less risky for you.

How it works

Step 1

Fill the form

Fill out the below form and get approved as a potential buyer. We will then search for a business based on your preference and provide advice.

Step 2

Search and NDA

Once we find suitable businesses via our network and active search, you will need to fill out a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) online in order to review your options in detail.

Step 3

Review the business

Review business research reports written by Fidu Venture on and detailing business operations, industry, historical financials, risks, valuation, and our forecasts. If the target is not a good fit, we go back to Step 2.

Step 4

Call and
initial offer

If the target seems like a good fit, we will arrange an initial call or virtual meeting with the business owner for you to further understand the business. This is also a good opportunity for you to ask initial questions. Afterward, you can come up with an initial offer.

Step 5

Due Diligence 

This step involves doing deeper research on the opportunity, including meeting with the business owner and conducting site visits. The goal is to ensure you understand all about the business, what is needed for it to thrive, and the risk-reward involved.

Step 6

Negotiation and offer 

We will help you negotiate and submit offers to the seller. We will also help coordinate with any legal and audit professionals that are required.

Step 7


Once the offer is accepted, we will serve as an escrow of the funds between the buyer and the seller. We will hold 40% of the transaction amount, to ensure the seller upholds their side of the deal such as transferring assets, passwords, licenses etc.  

Step 8


Many of our business deals include post-sale obligations from the seller, such as helping with the ownership transition and daily operations training. The remaining funds will be released to the seller after 45-90 days after the transaction day, ensuring a smooth and safe business transfer. 

Fill in the form and get approved as a prospective buyer!

What to expect as an approved buyer:

- You will receive a confirmation email or message from us within 24 hours if your profile is approved.

- You will be notified of any opportunities that we believe fits your profile or interests!

- You will receive a regular newsletter providing an update on Hong Kong small business trends and macro environment.

How much do you plan to spend on the business purchase? (HKD)
Intended involvement level in the business you plan to acquire

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you shortly.

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